The book Bangkok Metropolitan Region is published by KVB Publishing House. In 2008, KVB Publishing House cooperated with the German-Thai Chamber of Commerce and the BMA to publish the first book about the business venue of Bangkok. In 2016, KVB once again cooperated with the German-Thai Chamber of Commerce and for the first time with the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI), in an effort to obtain more information to compile this book. The book focuses on trade and investments and covers various industrial sectors, including automobile, electric power, electronic, telecommunication, F&B, rubber, petrochemicals, jewelries and cosmetics. In addition, it sheds light on relevant detailed records on the eco-industrial development, the R&D of the industrial sectors and related data of the ten ASEAN member countries.

As one of the major three institutions responsible for the promotion of industrial development in Thailand, FTI always participates in important affairs and plays a significant role. FTI takes a part in developing the policies on the progress and development of industries in Thailand, strengthening of the competitiveness of industrial enterprises and promoting the development of emerging industries and industrial clusters, including the industrial development in the upper, middle and down stream value chain, including handicraft development. Moreover, FTI is responsible for the establishment of vocational qualifications and development of teaching materials in support of the nation’s industrial development. In addition, FTI also cooperates with government agencies in carrying out various researches and innovations aiming at the progress of industrial production capability, especially in the promotion of small- and medium-scale industries. To be more specific, the innovation coupons program and the talent mobility program are of great help the country’s advancement in leading Thailand towards the Industry 4.0 strategy which Thailand is committed to Thailand’s new industrial age. Last but not least, my sincere admiration goes to the people who have strained every nerve in creating this book. The book Bangkok Metropolitan Region is very consistent with the demands of industrial entrepreneurs. This can help them to engage effectively in industrial activities for Thailand.

The book covers a variety of aspects, such as domestic pillar industries, scientific research and innovation, civil industry, environmental engineering, pertinent ASEANrelated issues, as well as trade and investments. This fascinating book is excellently written with vivid descriptions. It is a book of great value that is applicable to the industrial sectors. I hope that this book will enable the private sectors to learn more from each other and facilitate their tasks with greater mutual understanding and successful business cooperation. And hopefully, foreign industrial practitioners can have more access to information about the industrial development, essential materials for business judgments and better career development opportunities in Thailand.


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