Dubai 2020 – An Innovative and Thriving Business Destination with high living standards


Dubai will be hosting the Expo 2020 and for the first time it’ll take place on the Arabic peninsula. Dubai already represents a futuristic development of a modern megacity therefore “Connecting minds, creating the future” is a well chosen motto for the Expo 2020. Hosting the world for 173 days from October 20th 2020 till April 10th 2021, Dubai expects more than 25 Million visitors. During this time the United Arab Emirates will also be celebrating its Golden Jubilee of the formation of the UAE.

We have the pleasure of announcing our newest publication „Dubai 2020 – An Innovative and Thriving Business Destination with high standards of living”, edited in collaboration with official agencies and institutions. The book will showcase the business location as well as the exciting living environment with an outstanding education system, excellent healthcare services and Dubai‘s cultural area in a splendid publication with superb photos and most interesting articles.


KVB Publishing House is now preparing the first edition of its kind and we are delighted to provide the opportunity to selected enterprises to be part of this publication by being represented with a portrait of your company. Our unique distribution channels assure that the publication reaches a great number of readers inside and outside of the UAE.
Due to its content, precious looks and the possibility of a customised cover or a inserted dedication page, these books are also being used as corporate give aways by hundreds of companies.